The Dave Ross DMT and mini-tramp string beds feature the durability of all our string beds, as there is no stitching to tear at the material!

As most athletes make their first contact with these beds on their feet at high speed in about the same place every time, all DMT and Mini-Tramp beds are particularly prone to wear problems in the mount area.

In 2015 our DMT beds underwent a major redesign. The goal was to duplicate the bounce of the new 6mm webbing DMT beds now used at most competitions. The move from 13mm to 6mm webbing allowed us to use larger string and larger holes in our product. This improved the grip, which is now similar to webbed competition beds. Over the years we found that the mount area still wore quickly, although teams who frequently repainted their mount area have had very good lifetimes.

In late 2019 we converted our DMT beds to braided string, which is even more resistant to wear. It takes a braiding machine 80 hours to make enough string for one DMT bed. Rebound Products goes the distance to provide you with exceptional products!

ITEM NO: DR-21525