Our Spring Deck is an original Spieth Anderson design using top grade coil springs and premier Russian Birch in an overlapping configuration to eliminate soft spots.

The top surface is high grade carpet bonded foam (sold separately [ITEM NO: 138R]) to provide the performance demanded by today’s cheer athletes.

Equipment Features:
 Available Sizes:
- 40' x 54' Cheer Deck
- 42' x 54' Cheer Deck
- Pre-Sprung Deck [we install the springs for you]
- Un-Spring Deck [you install the springs, but save on shipping costs]
 Pair with Carpet Bonded Foam (sold separately)
 1 3/8" Carpet Bonded Foam [138R]
Optional Colors Available:
- Blue
- Black
- Purple
- Red
- Charcoal Gray
- Teal
- Moscow Blue

ITEM NO: 147CC-42


Assembly and Care Instructions