Comfortable training for jumps, floor exercises, uneven bars and parallel bars.
 Can be inflated in a few seconds, with adjustable pressure level
 Easier on joints, so you can practice more often
 For beginners and top gymnasts
 The lines make it clear to both gymnast and trainer where correction is needed
 Blower is required to inflate (sold separately)

A small, portable and just enough bounce and airtime to make the technical corrections you need to improve cheer, dance and gymnastics skills. This gentle practice method allows for an extended workout without added stress on the joints.

Equipment Features:
 Dia. 100cm (3' 3") x 10cm (4") [Item No.: 1740137]
 Dia. 150cm (4' 11") x 10cm (4") [Item No.: 1740138]


1740137 [SMALL - DIA. 100x10cm]
1740138 [MEDIUM - DIA. 150x10cm]