Tumbl Trak recommends replacing the poly bed of your Trak every 5-6 years. This time frame can vary depending on the amount of daily use your Tumbl Trak receives.

The Tumbl Trak poly bed is 60in wide when measuring from outside edges of the d-rings and includes flaps to cover the d-rings. Another useful feature offered exclusively by Tumbl Trak is a loop velcro strip that runs along each side of the Tumbl Trak bed. This velcro allows you to attach other items like the Tumbl Tape, along the edge of the tumbling surface - useful for athletes and coaches to measure the length of their tumbling passes and work towards stretching out their tumbling. Top mats with hook velcro on the bottom can also be secured to the Velcro edging on the Tumbl Trak.

Be sure to order the Spring Tool, unless you have the original spring puller from your original purchase. If your Tumbl Trak is older than 10 years, please complete this Bed Measurement Sheet and return it by email to sales@tumbltrak.com. Reference your order number on the email.